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Born in sydney, Joady studied in the Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus at Rogerson ballet Academy obtaining her Solo Seal.  In 1978 she win the RAD Bursary and was accepted into the Australian Ballet School. Once there she was awarded the Australian Ballet Society scholarship and danced the lead in "Lady and the Fool"

Joady joined the Australian Ballet Company and was quickly promoted to coryphee then soloist. The same year she became the first dancer to receive the annual Dancers Overseas Scholarship which enabled her to spend time in both New York and London training with England's most respected freelance teacher, John O'Brian. Her lead roles include Swan Lake, Taming of the Shrew, Equs and Don Quixote.

After leaving the company to have a family Joady has taught as a freelance teacher at McDonald College, teaching from Primary level to Advanced students auditioning for professional ballet schools and companies.

Joady and Karen Stanton (Director and owner) believe in a holistic approach to teaching children and with this in mind have expanded and developed the classical stream at THSPA. We now offer a comprehensive program that will cater to students who wish to pursue ballet at any level, from technique classes through to RAD


BARBARA Rogerson - RAD ballet

Barbara is a Registered and highly respected teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) and the ADA (formerly Federal Association of Teachers of Dance-  F.A.T.D).
Ms. Rogerson was honoured to receive tge R.A.D. Presidents award for her dedicated service and hard work to the academy. She was a member of the A.C.T Riverina, NSW & Southern Region Advisory Panel and also a member of Sydney Cultural Council.
Ms. Rogerson was Principal of the Rogerson Ballet Academy, combining business sense and administrative with artistic sensibility.SHe worked closely with her staff to foster an environment conducive to creative achievement. Ms. Rogerson taught dancing for over 40yrs at the Academy's Studios in Sylvania and Blakehurst.
Previous student have performed with the Royal Ballet, Australian Ballet, New Zealand Ballet, Graz Ballet, Disney Productions, Dance Encore, Tap Dogs, Lido, Moulin Roughe, Stayin' Alive and many more.




Anna grew up in Sweden where she started her dance training at an early age. In 2005 she finished her professional training at Ballet Academy of Stockholm, Sweden.  She is trained in contemporary styles such as Cunningham, Graham and Release Technique. She also has extensive training in Improvisation, Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet.

In Sweden she worked with some great choreographers such as Charles Moore, Jeanette Bolding and Satuchi Kudo.

Anna moved to Sydney in 2005 to further her studies in dance at UNSW.

Anna has worked with a range of independent  artists, choreographers , projects and performances in Sydney.