Tiny Tappers - Girls and boys from age 4 to 6 yrs – 30 minute class
An introduction to tap for very young children

Junior Tap - Girls and boys from age 6 to 10 yrs – 1 hour class
This class is a fun introduction to tap. It develops student’s co-ordination and rhythm whilst learning the basics of tapping.

Intermediate Tap - Girls and boys 10 yrs and over – 1 hour class
Next step up from Junior Tap. This class develops students’ musicality technique and rhythm.

Senior Tap - 1 hour class
 A class suitable for show group members and advanced tappers. Challenging but great fun. Suitable also for teenagers and adults with tapping experience

Adult Tap - 1 hour class


Dress - Any combination of Black or White (no colours please)
Girls:  Choice of leotard, unitard, crop-top or T Shirt (not baggy), Jazz Pants or (shorts/skirt for summer) Tan Tights, Black Tap Shoes, Hair tied back, No jewellery.
Boys:  Black or White T Shirt, Long Dance Pants (baggy for movement) or shorts. Black Tap Shoes.